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Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland – a pleasure to review!

Social Engineer (Deep Web Thriller, #0)Social Engineer by Ian Sutherland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

If I was flicking through a list of books to pay for and download I probably wouldn’t have chosen this book, but because I had been offered a free copy I read it and I am so glad I did, it was a really good story, had me hooked right from the beginning. The story is about Brody Taylor, a social engineer – or white hacker – a specialist in his field, employed by companies to check whether their systems are safe from ‘black’ hackers. Brody points out all the ways in which hackers can infiltrate the company’s computer systems, and then shows them how to make improvements and safeguard their information. The latest company employing his expertise is researching an Alzheimer’s prevention drug. It is about two years from being released and the company are using monkeys in their research. At the same time, Brody meets Mel, an animal rights activist, who he falls in love with. It is cleverly put together and I thought the way animal cruelty was suggested, without going into graphic detail was good. Too much detail would have put me off the book straight away.

Social Engineer is a prequel to ‘Invasion of Privacy’ – a full-sized novel, which I have already bought. I think Ian Sutherland has hit on a winning formula with Brody Taylor. I wish him every success.

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