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Just reviewed another excellent read – Invasion of Privacy by Ian Sutherland

Invasion of Privacy (A Brody Taylor Thriller, #1)Invasion of Privacy by Ian Sutherland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The novella – Social Engineer – introducing us to Brody Taylor was excellent, and this full-length novel has done its prequel justice. What an exciting story, I couldn’t put it down! It highlights computer hacking at its best and worst. Murders are being committed and the police are searching for connections. Meanwhile Brody has risen to the challenge to hack into a webcam web site. It is an ego trip for him; he is the best and has to prove it. He suddenly finds himself in the middle of the murder investigation and offers his assistance to DI Jenny Price. He is drawn both to her and to helping her solve the crimes and realises that it isn’t all about his ego. It is a complicated story with lots of technical detail, but explained in such a way that even I could follow the plot. Ian Sutherland obviously has a great deal of knowledge of the cyber world and uses it very successfully. The characters are great and I look forward to more Brody Taylor novels in the future. If I have learnt one thing from this story, it is to never install a webcam in my home!

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A Review for Barbara Taylor Bradford’s Novella ‘Hidden’

Hidden (Kindle Single)Hidden by Barbara Taylor Bradford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I always enjoy a Barbara Taylor Bradford book, but didn’t realise this was a Novella, so it finished all too quickly. The story shows how an abusive marriage can take place behind closed doors. The husband, a special advisor to the President of the United States, presenting a perfectly normal persona to the outside world. A dutiful wife who doesn’t want the world to know what an awful bully he really is and doesn’t want her daughter to find out. Luckily Claire, the abused wife, has three very good friends who realise that they must do something drastic before things get any worse. They take matters into their own hands. It’s predictable but still a good read

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Yet another review! This time ‘In the Dark’ by Mark Billingham

In The DarkIn The Dark by Mark Billingham
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The first book by Mark Billingham that I read was ‘Sleepyhead’, a Tom Thorne novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. For my next read by this author, I deliberately didn’t choose another Tom Thorne but instead chose ‘In the Dark.’ I wish I hadn’t. It wasn’t up to the same standard. The story was hard going, I didn’t like the characters and a heavily pregnant police officer didn’t quite cut it with me. I will read more Mark Billingham books, but will stick to the ones featuring Tom Thorne in future.

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