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Latest Review – Impromptu Scribe by Alex Morritt

Impromptu ScribeImpromptu Scribe by Alex Morritt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Short stories are not usually a genre I would choose, but I did enjoy this interesting and varied collection. There are stories in this book that would resonate with everyone. The author’s clever perception of characters brings the stories to life. I particularly enjoyed ‘Fallen from Grace’ and ‘Hubert & Hector.’ ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane’ was touching and evocative. ‘Lost in Translation’ was a classic example of a husband not listening to his wife! How many times have we heard of this sort of thing happening? Several stories left me wanting more, for example – ‘Coyotes.’ I feel this one could have continued for a bit longer, but perhaps that’s just me. I recommend Impromptu Scribe as an easy to read, dip into book, and I am sure there is a wealth of stories yet to be written.

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Latest Review – Survival of the Fittest; Do you have the will to survive? by C L Clark

Survival of the Fittest: Do you have the will to survive?Survival of the Fittest: Do you have the will to survive? by C.L. Clark
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Gillian, as a child, loses her sight in a tragic accident, in which she also loses her father. In time she manages to escape from the clutches of her over-protective mother and now leads a successful and independent life, watched over by her seeing-eye dog, Garrett, who accompanies her everywhere.

Alex, a child traumatised and bullied, brought up by an abusive father, grows into a man who hates ‘defects’ as he calls anyone with a disability. He wants to rid the world of them. Gillian becomes his latest target and the story follows his stalking of Gillian and his attacks on her.

Detective Ryesam (Rye)Bryant is already investigating several similar cases and is attached to Gillian’s case. Gillian manages to escape the clutches of Alex who becomes increasingly agitated as he hears his father’s voice. He thinks his father is there, but the voice is in his head, goading him. He washes his hands compulsively and smashes up his apartment.

The book is a psychological thriller with romance thrown in, as Gillian and Rye fall in love. The impetus of the thriller becomes a bit lost in places due to all the kissing and cuddling by the loved up pair. I understand what the author was trying to convey, but for me, it wasn’t as thrilling as it could have been.

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