Read My Latest Review – ‘The End Game’ by James Barrow

The End GameThe End Game by James Barrow
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Alexis Williams and Robert Peterson, friends for many years, with Robert secretly harbouring the hope that one day their relationship will move to a deeper, more loving level. When he finds out that he has won a holiday for two aboard a luxury yacht, he sees it as his opportunity to drag Alexis away from her job and the two of them can spend quality time together. Alexis, at first reluctant, finally agrees and begins to look forward to their holiday. She sees a name she recognises on the invitation and realises that the owner of the yacht, Bradley Rand, is a major contributor to a charity that is close to her heart. Coincidence or not! I don’t want to spoil the plot. I was hooked with the first chapter, and the ending was not quite what I expected it to be. It is well written, and the characters are interesting. Some of the conversations between the characters are a bit deep and maybe go on for too long. There are many references to the ego, which to me infers a great interest by the author in that particular subject, but all-in-all a good read.

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