Review of ‘The Strategist’ – A Thriller by John Hardy Bell

The Strategist - A ThrillerThe Strategist – A Thriller by John Hardy Bell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A gripping read, right from the first chapter. I was hooked. Camille is heading home after leaving the FBI, a career that she had loved until something traumatic happened, which she was unable to come to terms with. We find out what it was later on in the story. She feels a failure. What will people think of her? What will her father think of her? The best part of returning home would be spending time with her friend of many years, Julie, but sadly it was not to be. We already know from the first chapter that Julie has a terrifying secret, but she is murdered before she can tell Camille about it. Instead, she leaves instructions for her friend to carry out in the event of her death. Not satisfied with the way the investigation is going, Camille is drawn into the case. Her FBI training kicks in as she delves deeper and deeper into the homicide. The characters are real, the reader can’t help but be drawn in. The story keeps you guessing right to the end. Not at all predictable. I thoroughly recommend this book

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