Review of The Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac

The Truth Will OutThe Truth Will Out by Jane Isaac
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eva and Naomi are discussing over the internet, something that they had been unfortunately drawn into. They are both scared. Suddenly Naomi hears a sound behind her and a gloved hand appears on the screen. Naomi is obviously being attacked, but by who? Eva panics, takes a few seconds to call for an ambulance then rushes to her car and heads north towards Scotland, all the while ringing Naomi on her mobile, hoping for a reply, hoping that her friend is alright. Straight away, I was left wondering why didn’t Eva just go straight to the police? Why just run away when she doesn’t know if her friend is alive or dead.
DCI Helen Lavery is called in to lead the investigation. I liked the character of DCI Lavery with all her baggage, being a widow, bringing up 2 teenage sons, coping with a stressful job. Lavery is suddenly removed from the investigation as it is handed over to an ex lover of hers – DI Dean Fitzpatrick. She can’t understand why.
It is basically a good story, with many twists and turns, but most of the time I was ahead of the plot, with the background being drip fed out. By the time I read the reasons for Eva and Naomi to be in such a dangerous situation, I had already guessed why, which was a bit annoying and did spoil it a bit for me.

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