Review of Paint Me Gone by Molly Greene

Paint Me GonePaint Me Gone by Molly Greene
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another case for Private Investigator Genevieve Delacourt to solve. This time a new client, Sophie Keene, asks Gen for her help in tracking down the woman in a painting that has come into her possession. The woman bears an uncanny resemblance to Sophie’s sister, Shannon, who went missing twenty years ago and everyone presumed she had committed suicide after being accused of a murder. Gen is soon on the trail, ably assisted by her friend Oliver Weston. The painting is unsigned, but together they manage to track down artists from the same era who painted in a similar style or maybe would recognise the artist. The story gets more complicated, dangerous too, as Gen and Oliver dig deeper and deeper. There are twists and turns and the reader is kept guessing the identity of the artist until the dramatic ending. Running through the story, there is a ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship with Detective Hackett. This is a good story, well written, the characters are likeable and believable. I enjoy Molly Greene’s style of writing and look forward to more cases for Gen to solve

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