Review of At Their Own Game by Frank Zafiro

At Their Own GameAt Their Own Game by Frank Zafiro
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jake Stankovic, a former cop, now earns a living dealing in stolen property with his two sidekicks, Matt and Brent, while managing to keep out of the clutches of the law. With money tight, Jake decides to break into drug dealing, something which he has avoided up to now, because of the dangers involved, but just this once he takes the risk – a big mistake – he soon finds out, as he gets involved with Ozzy the local drug dealer.

At the same time, Helen, who is the ex-wife of detective Falkner, returns and wants to renew the affair that she and Jake had years ago when Jake was still a cop. This re-ignites Falkner’s hatred of Jake and he begins to harass him in every way possible. Jake now seems threatened on all sides. He wants to trust Helen, but something about her return niggles away at him. Ozzy is after his blood. He even suspects one of his sidekicks of being a traitor. Poor Jake, we all get dragged into the sorry state of affairs and whilst wanting to be on Jake’s side, a ruthless streak within his character makes us step back and look at him in a different way. What lengths will a person go to when the chips are down?

It is a compelling story, with many twists and turns, but one that makes us question our own morals. Would we resort to the way Jake deals with his friends and enemies alike?

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