Review of Changing Lanes by Kathleen Long

Changing Lanes: A NovelChanging Lanes: A Novel by Kathleen Long
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this story even though it was so predictable. Abby, the main character loses her job; and her husband-to-be ups and goes to Paris, France, a few weeks before their wedding, to spend some time alone to ‘find’ himself, without telling her. The house they have bought together back in Abby’s home town is infested with termites. She is unable to move in. Her only option is to return to her parents’ home and try and make sense of all the awful things happening to her.

The first person she sees as she arrives at her parents’ home is Mick, her boyfriend from years ago when they were both in their teens. It is a life changing moment for both of them.

There are some good messages in this book, which definitely resonated with me, about living in the now and living your dream, which the author has been able to express with the help of Abby’s lovely but slightly dysfunctional family.

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