Review of Thirty-Two Going On Spinster

Thirty-Two Going on SpinsterThirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was offered Thirty-Two Going on Spinster as one of the books I could pick as a prize for coming runner up in a recent competition. I didn’t read the synopsis, it was the title that intrigued me. All I can say is that I was very happy with the choice I made. A very light-hearted, easy read. Julia had reached her thirties and decided that she must be a spinster as she had no love interest, in fact there had been no man in her life at all for some time; she still lived at home with her parents, albeit in their basement; and stuck in a dead-end job with a boss she disliked. Then, along came Jared! The rest of the story was quite predictable, but still fun to read.

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2 responses to “Review of Thirty-Two Going On Spinster

  1. I may be more than twice 32 years but I think I would like to read this book. I read so many books ,from chick lit to detective/ murder, as I cannot get up to any of the things I used to through ill health. ( not murder, anyway) so I escape into worlds I would like to dwell in for a while. Thanks for the review .


    • Hi, Thanks for your comments. I would like to suggest another book to you if you are interested. I have just finished it, but haven’t got around to writing a review yet. It is called Changing Lanes by Kathleen Long – a lovely story of family life, with a feel-good factor. I will be giving it 5* Take care and happy reading Shirley


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