A Quotation taken from Spice of Life

As I haven’t published a Friday Quote for some time, I decided today I would make the effort and have found one taken from Spice of Life by J. Thurston Thrower published in 1950. The book belonged to my husband’s grandfather and is a bit brown round the edges and also much of it is quite dated, but some quotes and sayings are as relevant today as they ever were. This particular quote is accredited to Grenville Kleiser and reads as follows:

Don’t be greedy!

‘Constantly reaching out for something just beyond your grasp tends to bring discontent rather than happiness. It is destructive to your tranquillity of mind to envy others what you have not; to want too many of the things you see around you and to dwell overmuch upon your own desires.

Use and enjoy what you have now, be grateful for present opportunities and trust your ability and the future to bring what is best for you. Happiness does not depend upon great material possessions, but emanates largely from the mental qualities of contentment, confidence, and serenity.’

Have a great weekend and I look forward to sharing some more quotes and sayings from this lovely book with you


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