Review of Into the Killer Sphere by Stefania Mattana

Into the Killer Sphere (Chase Williams detective stories #1)Into the Killer Sphere by Stefania Mattana
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Chase Williams, is a detective who worked at Scotland Yard, until continuing mishaps forced him to give up his career. He now works in Ernesto Ceccarelli’s cashmere company in Tursenia, Italy. He has a few welcome days off and plans a nice quiet vacation, but instead gets a call from his friend Angelo Alunni, an Inspector in the Tursenian police force. Angelo asks for Chase’s help in solving a rather unusual case. The two men arrive at a villa owned by the wealthy Galli family. They are shown upstairs to a room where the body of Piero Galli lies under a large chandelier that has fallen from the ceiling and killed him. Was it an unfortunate accident or something more sinister? Chase’s formidable detection skills are put to the test as many of the family members could have committed the crime, but he soon discovers the guilty party.

I struggled to connect with the characters, I felt that the character of Chase was weak and calling Angelo ‘mate’ was irritating. It is not a term I think a person in Chase’s position would call his friend; it’s more a term you would expect from a couple of friends meeting down the pub!

It is a great skill if you can build several books around a particular character and the author has discovered a character in Chase that will allow her to do so. I hope that Chase becomes the sort of person I can relate to in further books.

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