New Novel – With Love From Libby

With Love From Libby is my third novel and I think I am improving all the time. I hope other readers feel the same. I have taken on board some of the criticisms of my other two novels as regards more proofreading! Although, it seems that even the best writers with editors and proofreaders on hand, still have errors in their books. It must be one of the hardest things to get a novel which is perfect.
The story revolves around a downtrodden, bullied housewife called Libby, who discovers a talent for writing, she keeps it a secret from her family from the moment they poke fun at her efforts. Years later, with a large collection of short stories hidden away from prying eyes, her world is suddenly turned upside down and so begins the emergence of a successful, confident woman and it’s all down to the efforts of a very good friend who never gives up on her and a new found man in her life.

With Love From Libby is available now from and – ASIN No B00GCAFOWQ

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