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Saturday Photo from Bude in Cornwall

Bude Beach for Blog

A dramatic view of Bude Beach with the tide in and a gale force wind blowing – absolutely wonderful!


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Saturday Photo – Padstow Harbour, Cornwall, UK

IMG_0459I have been a bit remiss lately with this blog. I have done nothing very much – life has got in the way as usual! But, I did spend a very pleasant few days in Padstow last week with a couple of friends and this is a view of the harbour. It was a lovely day, we sat at an outdoor cafe, had a coffee and admired the view. The next day we decided to have a trip to nearby Boscastle and Tintagel – so legend has it, the home of King Arthur. We only got as far as Boscastle and the wind was so fierce, we couldn’t walk out on the headland, so decided to give Tintagel a miss. We’ll save that for another day. A reason to go back to Cornwall again maybe!

We did manage to book a table at Rick Stein’s Restaurant. We had promised ourselves fish and chips from this well-known chef’s restaurant, push the boat out, never mind the cost and all that! It was a very pleasant experience. We were looked after well, being provided with a basket of bread and pats of butter, a dish of olives and a dish of canapes while we waited for our meal. We also ordered a bottle of wine and a bottle of water. Our fish and (8) chips arrived – the cheapest main course on the menu, which were cooked to perfection. Followed by superb sweets. The only (small, but funny after the event) thing which happened to mar an otherwise great evening, was the way the waitress plonked a bottle of vinegar and a bottle of well-known Tomato Ketchup on the table. They looked so out of place amongst the elegant glassware, china and cutlery. Surely these two items could have been served better or was she just trying to make a point – that we were cheapskates! We can now say ‘We’ve been there, we’ve done that,’ but we didn’t buy the T-shirt, we probably couldn’t have afforded it!

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Review of Dreams at Dusk by Scott Roloff

Dreams at DuskDreams at Dusk by Scott Roloff
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To be completely honest, I don’t really know what to make of this book. I almost gave up a few times, but having been asked if I would read/review it, I stuck with it, but reaching more than half way through before I became interested in the story.

The story begins with Jake Nelson, a lawyer, in court, defending an eighteen-year-old boy who has killed his fourteen-year-old brother. Was it murder or self-defence? Through this court hearing, Jake meets a police detective, Marie Patterson. There appears to be two stories running in this book. One, the story following Marie’s detective work and two, the main story about Jake’s wife having an affair with Kyle, another lawyer in the company, who has a string of women at his disposal. Jake kills his wife in a fit of rage and that is where the story begins to get interesting, as Jake’s plans to cover up the murder are spelled out in minute detail; also his clever planting of evidence to frame the other lawyer for the murder.

Jake eventually cannot deal with the consequences of what he has done and starts to go to pieces; he has a gun in his possession. Marie is feeling sorry for the poor bereaved man and is on her way over to his house and that’s where the story ends.

I have never read a book that has so many strange words. I accept I may not be familiar with some Americanisms, but is ‘drug’ a word to use instead of ‘dragged’? And so many cheeks were pulled, lifted and tightened instead of just smiling. There was also a lot of shuffling, loping and bouncing as if the author was trying too hard to find different words for the same actions.

I have given the book 3* but that was more for the entertainment value of what new words I would discover, rather than the content!

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New Novel – With Love From Libby

With Love From Libby is my third novel and I think I am improving all the time. I hope other readers feel the same. I have taken on board some of the criticisms of my other two novels as regards more proofreading! Although, it seems that even the best writers with editors and proofreaders on hand, still have errors in their books. It must be one of the hardest things to get a novel which is perfect.
The story revolves around a downtrodden, bullied housewife called Libby, who discovers a talent for writing, she keeps it a secret from her family from the moment they poke fun at her efforts. Years later, with a large collection of short stories hidden away from prying eyes, her world is suddenly turned upside down and so begins the emergence of a successful, confident woman and it’s all down to the efforts of a very good friend who never gives up on her and a new found man in her life.

With Love From Libby is available now from and – ASIN No B00GCAFOWQ

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