Review of Next Move, You’re Dead by Linda L Barton

Next Move, You're Dead (Next Move, You're Dead, #1)Next Move, You’re Dead by Linda L. Barton
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

This is the author’s debut novel, part one of a trilogy. I was looking forward to reading this book, but I was so disappointed. The story is about John Cooper, a troubled Detective, happily married to his devoted wife Kathy, who has helped him through a period of alcoholism after losing his friend and partner in an arrest that went wrong. He is proud of his achievements in always solving crimes. One night, out for a meal with Kathy, he receives a strange call from someone saying he has been chosen as a worthy opponent in The Game. Murders begin to take place, the caller called Erebus tells John he is the Tracker in this Game and tells him he has to follow the set of clues to discover the answer. John Cooper has no idea why he has been chosen and finds himself dragged deeper and deeper into the game, and starts drinking again. His marriage is falling apart. Erebus appears to know his every move. The ending is quite shocking and we never find out who or what Erebus is. The idea of the story is a good one, which is why I did read to the end, but I have a few issues with this book. The first being – it needs proofreading! There are far too many words missed out, or words left in that shouldn’t be there – very confusing and meant I read paragraphs twice to see if it was me. It is quite repetitious in places, and I find character’s thoughts written in italics, of which there were many instances, quite irritating, but that’s just a personal view.

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