Review of Chill Run by Russell Brooks

Chill Run Chill Run by Russell Brooks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eddie Barrow Jr. is broke and struggling to get his first book published. His girlfriend has just broken up with him and he has been laid off work. Things couldn’t get any worse. He is sick of his parents criticizing him and comparing him unfavourably with his sister. His best friends, Corey and Jordyn come up with a preposterous plan to get his face in the papers, which they think will help him get noticed. Jordyn is a dominatrix and suggests that she can persuade her boss to let Eddie become a maledom for one night – taking the place of the usual one to meet a particular woman client. Eddie is shocked when he hears what the plan is and turns it down, even though he is assured that no sex is involved and the police will be tipped off before anything untoward happens. He changes his mind and agrees to the plan after a furious row at his parents’ house leads him to walk out. What follows is an entertaining read about a plan that backfires and a complicated plot with many twists and turns.

I could picture the three main characters immediately, which is always a good sign, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story

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