Bailey the Dog

Who are you looking at!
‘Who do you think you are looking at? I’ve had a hard day, now let me sleep.’

Bailey is a rescue dog, a Lakeland mix we think and about four years old. We have had him for eighteen months. He is a wonderful little dog, good-natured, not a nasty bone in his body. Loves people, other dogs and practically anything which strolls through our garden!

For more photos of Bailey please visit and look at page of favourite photos



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4 responses to “Bailey the Dog

  1. what a splendid chap. He really looks as though he’s landed on his paws 🙂


  2. He certainly has, but he deserves it, he didn’t have a good start in life


  3. Our beagle is the same way. When it’s naptime, there is definitely a sign out that says “go away and leave me alone”.


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