Crackdown on Runaway Dads – my thoughts

Here I am again climbing onto my soapbox. The reason? An article in today’s Sunday Mirror called – ‘Crackdown on Runaway Dads.’

Of course I agree that fathers should be forced to sign their baby’s birth certificate, unless there are exceptional circumstances where it might put mother and baby in danger. But, when I see the quote by Labour MP David Lammy, who says,

‘We should have high expectations of all fathers, and help them to live up to those expectations. And we should be very clear that it is not acceptable for fathers to decide to play no role in their children’s lives ‘

I get very angry. All fathers and I mean ALL FATHERS should play a part in their children’s lives, so why has my son been excluded from his children’s lives for over nine years? Because his ex-wife refused to let him see them; brainwashed them into thinking their father didn’t want them, but all the time taking money off him every month for their support.

Why don’t MP’s take the side of decent fathers for once? Why don’t they create laws which stop these women from obstructing court orders? My son’s ex-wife has blatantly ignored all court orders instructing her to allow my son access for so many years now, that he has given up the fight. In my view, family courts are a waste of time and money. They make rulings, mothers disregard them, fathers repeatedly go back to court, the same court makes the same rulings, the same mothers continue to disregard the rulings and so it goes on; for years and years.

My grandsons have another man in their life who acts as their father, while their real father can only hope and pray that one day, they will realise there is another man in their life who has never stopped loving them and decide to come in search of him. Then, just maybe, they will come and see me, because I too have been denied access to my grandsons.


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