Review of Water’s Edge by Jane Riddell

Water's EdgeWater’s Edge by Jane Riddell
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

On the surface, this was a book about four siblings invited to the hotel run by their mother in Switzerland, for a family reunion. All very innocent, making you wonder where the story was going. But then, you gradually realise that Magdalena’s three daughters and son all have problems which rise to the surface and have to be dealt with. Meanwhile Magdalena has her own problems, which she has hidden from her children since her husband’s death. The story revolves around each character’s point of view. How they are forced to confront issues in their life, how they feel about their siblings; their relationship with their mother, who suffers a great deal of guilt at having sent them to boarding school as children. The characters are believable; sometimes irritating and annoying, but that is the skill shown by the writer. I thoroughly enjoyed this character-led book.

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