Review of Woof by Dakota Douglas

WOOFWOOF by Dakota Douglas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Woof is two stories in one about a rather lonely young boy and a large stray dog with an unusual red nose and strange eyes. Jeremy, the young boy has just started a new school where the other children won’t let him join in their games. His very busy parents never have time for him, so when Rufus the dog comes along, Jeremy sees him as a good friend. Strange things begin to happen when Rufus suddenly puts his paws on Jeremy’s shoulders and stares into his eyes. I won’t give the plot away by telling you what happens, but children will love it.

The book is aimed at children of seven and above and my nine-year-old grandson thoroughly enjoyed it, and so did I! Both stories are easy to read and make great bedtime stories. I think the author has hit on a great idea and maybe there will be more books about Jeremy and Rufus.

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