Review of Be An Author by Anne Orchard

Be An Author

This book was given to our writing group for our comments and reviews. This is my review. It made for interesting reading, and was well put together. As an aid to anyone contemplating writing their first book, Anne Orchard asked four local South West England authors a set of questions, to discover how they embarked on their individual journeys as writers. Questions such as where did their inspiration come from? Whether to self-publish or try to find a publisher. How long did it take to complete the first book? And, after all their hard work, how did it feel to hold the completed book in their hand?

The four authors, Sallyann Sheridan, Simon Hall, Wendy Knee and Linda Parkinson-Harman, all had different reasons for writing in the first place, and their answers to all the questions are as diverse as the books they have produced.

For the would-be writer there are helpful chapters on getting started, setting your goals, and epublishing. Followed by tips on promoting your book and other helpful advice – the best advice from all four authors seems to be ‘Just Do It!’

The authors’ comments are interspersed with Anne Orchard’s own observations.

As the synopsis says, this is not a ‘how to’ book, more a ‘what would it be like if…’


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