Latest Review – Far Cry by John Harvey

Far Cry

This is my first taste of John Harvey. The book is a recommend from the book club I belong to. I must say I liked it and would definitely read another of his books. All the characters are believable, especially the character of DI Will Grayson. Ruth and Simon’s daughter, Heather, is asked to go on holiday to Cornwall with her best friend and her family. They decide to go to France for a few days on their own and whilst there receive a call that every parent must dread – their daughter is missing. The friend is found alive, but their daughter is eventually discovered dead in a disused mine shaft. Was it an accident or not?

Fast forward quite a few years and Ruth and Simon are divorced, their marriage couldn’t cope with the strain of losing their only daughter. Ruth has remarried and now has another daughter. One day the two of them bump into Simon in the street and he tells them he lives close by. Then Ruth’s daughter Beatrice disappears on her way home from a music lesson. Is history repeating itself? Drop a recently released child abuser into the mix and you have the makings of a very good plot.

I didn’t see the necessity for the one sex scene, it didn’t seem to tie in with the rest of the story.


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