Review of Paper Dreams by Phyllis J Burton

Paper DreamsPaper Dreams by Phyllis J. Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Quite a predictable story and an easy read. It starts in the 1950’s with an illicit love affair. Then switches to Katie, a young woman being callously dumped by the man she thought she would marry. She is distraught and goes to stay with a cousin in Cornwall, where she meets Stuart. It is love at first sight. Katie is asked to catalogue a collection of old books at Epton Hall, a huge old mansion house that has fallen into decay. The old lady, Marjorie Hapsworth-Cole, has recently passed away after having lived there for years with just a housekeeper for company. Marjorie’s husband Gerald and their two sons died in mysterious circumstances many years ago, presumed drowned in a boating accident; no bodies had ever been found.

A nephew of Gerald’s, being the only heir, was thought to be in line to inherit the property, that is until Katie discovers a hidden letter and birth certificate in the attic of Epton Hall. From then on, the drama unfolds.

It is well written and holds the reader’s attention. A bit drawn out in places, but I enjoyed reading the book.

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