A Personal Rant

Today I visited an MP’s surgery with a friend who has a long-standing family problem. I came away astounded at the rudeness of this particular MP, who shall remain nameless. My friend has been going to this MP’s surgery at regular intervals for twenty years! Twenty years of hoping that something would be done, twenty years of asking for help and support. After twenty years you would think that the MP would at least greet my friend with a handshake or a ‘Hello’ but nothing. It was an effort for him to even look up from what he was reading. And me? I obviously didn’t exist at all, he never even made eye contact with me. His mobile phone was left switched on, so buzzed a few times with incoming messages – again how rude! There was the same patronising look on his face that I have seen so many times when attending meetings with my friend. Is there a class that people in authority attend in order to master this look? I would love to know.

We came away from the surgery, looked at one another and both agreed ‘He won’t do anything again will he – he doesn’t care.’

End of rant – thank you for reading it. I just wonder how our MPs justify their existence – it certainly isn’t for our benefit.


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