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Review of Sentence of Marriage by Shayne Parkinson

Sentence of Marriage (Promises to Keep, #1)Sentence of Marriage by Shayne Parkinson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I gave this book 5* It was unputdownable!

This was a free e-book, downloaded as a recommend. It is the story of a young girl living on a farm in New Zealand in the 1800s. Having lost her mother and then her grandmother, who taught all she knew, she takes care of her father and two brothers and runs the house as if it is her own. It is a hard life for all of them, but they seem happy. Her life changes for the worse when her father remarries and brings home his young fashionable wife, who dislikes Amy on sight, and makes the poor girl’s life a misery. The story follows Amy over the next few years.

The author paints such a vivid picture of life in those days. The characters are brilliant. I reached the end of this book far too soon and immediately bought the sequel Mud & Gold.

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Saturday Photo – 23rd February 2013

Stour 4

This is a photo taken in the gardens of Stourhead, now a National Trust property, but first opened in the 1740’s. Stourhead is a Palladian Mansion with a world-famous landscape garden, in the centre of which is a magnificent lake. It can be found on the Wiltshire/Dorset border. Well worth a visit if you are in the area.


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Friday Quote – 22nd February 2013

The Friday Quote today is taken from Dr. Wayne W Dyer’s perpetual calendar for 20th February. It will appeal to both readers and writers. All you aspiring authors out there, (I count myself as one of you) wouldn’t it be great if it was your book that this saying applied to?

‘When a book literally falls into your lap or is sent to you by several different people – or even when you keep seeing the title and having it referred to by others over and over – you need to notice, stop your resistance, and surrender.’

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Writing a book and one writer’s ideas of how to do it

Writing a book and one writer's ideas of how to do it.

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4th Review for Mad Reviewer’s Challenge – Love Like Krazy

Review of Love Like Krazy by Kristen Beairsto

The story is of Kit, a successful writer returning to her hometown for one friend’s wedding and several weeks later to be maid of honor at her best friend Anne’s wedding. Anne tells Ben, her future brother-in-law, that as the best man, she expects him to dance with Kit. Ben and Kit met years ago apparently, when she was a teenager working for his mother. She was known as Katherine then, so he doesn’t remember her, but she remembers him, and has been in love with him ever since.

Kit’s difficult upbringing by an uncaring mother who told her she wasn’t wanted, has led her to believe that no-one will ever love her. Even though her Aunt Mae took her into her home and her heart, she still feels unlovable. This turns Kit into a loud, noisy character hiding behind outrageous clothes, and getting into scrapes. She thinks it is what everyone expects of Krazy Kit Conner.

The rest of the story is about Kit and Ben’s feelings for one another. First one then the other makes a move, only to be rebuffed by the other. Their childish antics made me want to bang their heads together on occasions, which did have its good side as I obviously got caught up in the characters. All turns out well in the end, which is a foregone conclusion. It is a light-hearted easy read. I think the book could do with another read through by the author, as there are a few words missing and some spelling mistakes, which interrupt the flow in places. But overall, I enjoyed it.

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Saturday Photo – The Blue Pool

Blue Pool(16)

The Blue Pool is a flooded disused claypit within the Furzebrook Estate, near Poole in Dorset. It is always this beautiful shade of blue.


February 16, 2013 · 5:07 pm

Friday Quote

The Friday Quote comes from Dr. Wayne W Dyer’s Everyday Wisdom

‘You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.’

What is your reality? My reality is to create my next novel!

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Saturday Photo – Blackbury Camp

Blackbury Camp(2) May

Blackbury Camp is an Iron Age Hill Fort. In the spring the ground is carpeted with bluebells. It is a magical place, especially if no-one else is around. Stand under the trees and you can almost picture the people who lived there.

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February 8, 2013 · 10:07 pm

Friday Quote – Unknown Source

Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end. What will matter is not what you bought, but what you built; not what you got, but what you gave…. not your success, but your significance.

I would love to know who wrote this, any ideas?

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Writer’s Block

In my latest novel I have two characters who in fact turn out to be one character! I have struggled with how I combine the two into one – with me so far? It’s not exactly writer’s block, but I keep turning things over in my mind instead of writing. I decided to ask a friend – a fellow writer, who came up with various scenarios for me to think about. It was very helpful to share problems and ideas. Does anyone else have ways they deal with writer’s block?


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