3rd Review for the Mad Reviewer’s Challenge – Black Flagged

This review is the 3rd in my role as a sane reviewer.

Black Flagged by Steven Konkoly

The synopsis interested me. As an English reader, I enjoy losing myself in novels about the CIA, the FBI and covert agents, but overall, I was quite disappointed in this book. Daniel Petrovich is a dormant member of the Department of Defence’s Black Flag Programme. For several years, he has settled into a nondescript life in the suburbs with his wife Jessica. Out of the blue he receives a call and is coerced into carrying out one final mission, which he thinks will finally release him from the clutches of General Sanderson. Instead, it launches him back into a familiar world of guns, knives and killing. One in which he appears to take great delight.

I found the storyline initially gripping and exciting, even though it was difficult to keep track of so many characters. At this stage, I even recommended the book to others. About half way through I began to lose interest and glossed over several sections, but did manage to stick with it to the end.

I felt no affinity or empathy with any of the characters. In this type of book, one character usually stands out as the likeable hero, but in this case, Daniel Petrovich did nothing to redeem himself, killing innocent and guilty alike.


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