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I have joined Carrie Slager in her challenge to commit to reading and reviewing so many books in this year. She is a Mad Reviewer promising to read and review 104 books! I am a sane reviewer committed to reading and reviewing 12 books over the year. Below is my first.

Review of The Not So Secret Emails of Coco Pinchard by Robert Bryndza


I would give this book 4*. It is entertaining, funny and has some laugh aloud passages in it. I was drawn into Coco’s chaotic life right from the beginning. The book is written in the form of a collection of emails from Coco to her friends, Chris and Marika and her son, Rosencrantz (what a great name for your only child!). Her husband buys Coco an iphone for Christmas, not the jewellery she was hoping for, and her life begins to fall apart; she loses a book deal, and she catches her husband in bed with a younger model. The iphone is put to good use to relate all the subsequent ups and downs in her life, culminating in a successful play at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and meeting the new man in her life.

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3 responses to “Book Review

  1. Sounds kind of like a chick book, but one I could enjoy. Thanks for the sharing the review.


  2. I love this idea! Like a bookclub, sort of. Please read my book. 🙂 I’d like your opinion on it. I have a strident voice when it comes to matters about which I am passionate and I write at the conscience. I think that is one thing human beings are fortunate to have. It makes us different from those who are not human. There are a lot of cruel people out there, and I don’t believe cruelty is inherent. I believe it is learned.


    • C J Birch – In answer to your question, I am not sure it is the kind of book I would enjoy. I can appreciate the effort and research you have put into your work and I can tell you are very passionate in what you believe in, i.e. I commented on your comments on China earlier. I lke to be entertained and to get lost in a book. Most of my reading is done at night time.


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