Changes to Fathers’ Rights for 2013 in the UK

Separated fathers are to gain the legal right to spend time with their children unless they are likely to harm them.

The changes to access laws were announced in a letter to MPs from the Children’s Minister Edward Timpson.

The letter says both parents should have the chance “to play a positive role in their children’s lives when it is safe and in their best interests”.

The 2013 change is seen as unnecessary by legal experts, but welcomed by fathers’ rights groups.

The letter states that the government’s starting point in changing the legislation is based on two principles – firstly that the safety of children is paramount, secondly that both parents should be involved in their upbringing.

The above apparently is the latest on Fathers’ Rights – As far as I am concerned it is the mothers who need to be told that their children need to see their fathers. It makes no difference how many rights a father has, if the mother wants to deny the children the right to see their father then she will, no matter how many laws there are. Would they put a mother in prison for breaking the law? I don’t think so. I am a grandparent and have first hand knowledge of what happens to Father’s rights. See my book of poetry on the subject – Heartfelt – or


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